Construction of New Arena and Conference Center alters traffic flow into Bass Park

Work on the New Arena and Conference Center, scheduled to open in the early Fall of 2013, will severly limit Dutton Street access to the existing facilities at most times.

Attendees are encouraged to turn left onto Buck Street from Main Street Northbound when arriving from the South (Interstate 395).When arriving from ...

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Event Planner Guide


General Information

Tips on Getting Started....

Professional meeting planners know that attention to detail is the key to a successful event. Most events, however, are not organized by someone who does meeting planning for a living. Usually the event, whether a small staff meeting or a large public event, is assigned to someone in the company who has many other duties to juggle as well. That is where we come in. At Bass Park, we do events all the time! Let our knowledgeable staff guide you through the planning process to make your event the most successful one yet!

Timing is everything…
The most important rule to follow in event planning is start early! Although it may seem easier right now to put it off, in the end it will only cause you undue stress. It is true that some details cannot be handled until the last minute, but many things can be done early to make your life easier.

Start out working with the “big picture”. Is it a meeting or a party? Is it public or private? Who is invited?

As you get closer to the event, you must narrow your focus as well. What type of seating arrangement would be appropriate? How many meetings/classes/etc. will be going on at one time? How long does it take a caterer to feed 300 people?
Finally, as the event looms near, you must pay attention to the “minor” details that make all the difference. Does the instructor require a special beverage? Do we need pads and pencils for our attendees?

At Bass Park, we can help you with these details, but we need to know what your needs are first. Communication is key!

Six months out
Now is the time to secure vendors for your various meeting needs:
Extensive Audio/Visual equipment needs
Get a good overall feel for what you plan to achieve with this event and what avenues you must take to achieve it.
Two months out
It may seem early yet, but time will fly as you get closer to your event. For scheduling, equipment rental and other factors, the facility needs to acquire details from you at least two months out. Someone on our staff will be in contact with you to set up a planning meeting.
For your convenience, we have included an overall floor plan of the Civic Center, as well as sample room sets for you to choose from. Because each room configuration is limited by floor space and fire codes, you should speak to the Coordinator to be sure you can fit everyone in one room with the room set you have chosen.

Following is a list of the items you will be asked to consider during your planning meeting:
• Estimated attendance
• Space needs
• Electrical requirements – of you and your vendors
• Number of rooms needed
• Set-up and Tear-down times
• Registration or flow of traffic into event
• Staging – size, height
• A/V equipment – microphones, projectors, monitors, etc.
• Security needs
• Use of bar or concessions

After this initial planning meeting, it is imperative that you communicate major changes to the Coordinator.

Two weeks out
Time is running out! At this point, plans must be finalized. We will be in touch with you to confirm all details that have surfaced in the planning process. You will be asked to sign off on these details and inform us of any last minute changes. Once the plan is signed, any further changes may result in a service charge.

Promoting Your Event

When promoting your event, be sure to keep in mind that we advertise all public events on our website, If requested, we will even set up a link to your website to give you additional exposure. Bass Park also gives information on public events (such as dates, times and ticket prices) on our after-hours voice mail system. Be sure to let us know any additional information that would be helpful to the public and we would be happy to pass it on.

Local Services

If you are from out of town or just need some advice, your Coordinator would be happy to talk to you about the local services Bangor has to offer. Although we cannot make specific recommendations, we can call upon our experiences with vendors and steer you in the right direction, given your specific needs.

Bangor offers a wide variety of vendors for the following services:
• AV Equipment
• Bands
• Caterers
• DJ’s
• Equipment Rental
• Floral
• Hotels
• Limousines
• Party Rental
• Photographers
• Rental Cars

The local yellow pages are a great resource, of course, as well as the Bangor Convention & Visitors Bureau (207-947-5205) and the Bangor Chamber of Commerce (207-947-0307).