Construction of New Arena and Conference Center alters traffic flow into Bass Park

Work on the New Arena and Conference Center, scheduled to open in the early Fall of 2013, will severly limit Dutton Street access to the existing facilities at most times.

Attendees are encouraged to turn left onto Buck Street from Main Street Northbound when arriving from the South (Interstate 395).When arriving from ...

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About Your Ticket

Bass Park Ticket


The appropriate seating configuration chart will tell you which section your seat will be in. Possible sections include Floor, Bleachers (BLCH), Stadium (STAD) and Balcony (BALC). These sections are split further into four or eight smaller sections (that's the number in the Code) and then specified by left or right side of the building (that's the "R" or"L" at the end of the code). In the example above, the seat is located in the fourth section of the right balcony area.


Within each section, rows are lettered from bottom to top in alphabetical order. Keep in mind, however, that there is no Row "I" because it is easily confused with the number "1".


To find your seat within a section, you need to refer once again to the seating configuration chart. Because of the way this building was constructed, some rows have different numbers of seats in them. This can be confusing at times.

All shows with assigned seating have ushers available to help patrons find their seats. Please don't hesitate to ask for help!

Seating Configurations